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  1. Most British people understand that the English and American English have drifted slightly away, so that we have different definitions of words. Now, to the British people who insists our naming is incorrect, they need to understand that our language is not the same. Please don’t try to tell me thatRead more

  2. I’ve also ended interviews as a candidate on the phone myself. They asked a question that I didn’t’ have the answer to and I told them that I didn’t know. The next 2 questions were in that same direction, with them knowing that I’d already said I wasn’t particularly fluent in that area but they keptRead more

  3. When I was at Facebook, 2013–2016, the rumor I heard was the opposite. It was my understanding that Google practically had a policy of counter-offering anyone who got an offer from Facebook, and that seeking an offer from Facebook was a strategy Googlers used to up their compensation. Ironically, FaRead more

  4. While we do say this literally sometimes in English, we have a more common idiom that many people would probably think of first, if they weren’t translating. You have to crawl before you can walk. At least in American English, this idiom is very popular.

  5. First, this answer hinges on the fact that you do mention to those who are assigning you tasks that you will have difficulty with them, and that this is accepted. Particularly in a junior role, even if only with a specific technology stack, that really should be accepted; nobody can expect someone wRead more

  6. You’ve got to start out by realising that this is not a problem with your employee, if anything, it’s a problem with your boss. Unless it is typically his / her responsibility to set your employees hours, (s)he’s out of his / her department by approving the request. It is quite probable that (s)he dRead more

  7. Gotta get some perspective on what matters. If incompetent, lazy and/or stupid people stress you out that much, you’re going to be dead at a very early age, because people who fit that description comprise the vast majority of all societies. Also, realize that “not doing things exactly as I would orRead more

  8. Now lets talk about changing a carreer : what do you want to do? Are there job in this field? If there are job, its is were you live or you will need to relocate? The salary would be good? Don’t forget you will start as an inexperienced person so the salary could be low. Talking about it with the coRead more

  9. Unless your company explicitly has a BYOD policy (Bring Your Own Device), do not in any circumstances use your own machine for company usage. I’m in a similar situation as yours, except I’ve a display larger than 11″. The Visual Studio 2010 (with some extensions) took around 10 minutes to be usable,Read more

  10. If your interests indeed lie in front-end development, JavaScript would be a better option for you since, well, it is the language of the front-end of the web, so to speak. Django (which is a framework, not a language) would be something to learn in order to create a back-end. So, you could even comRead more