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  • Automatic Updates

    WordPress hackers and villains take advantage of vulnerabilities in outdated WordPress circumstances and make the most your hard work. With updates carried out on a monthly and even daily groundwork, we’ll preserve you trustworthy and sailing easily.

  • Uptime Monitoring

    Tired of finding out from your visitors that your website i down? Say no more! We’ve got you covered. Beyond just letting you know, we will look into it for you to expedite getting you back online.

  • Rock Solid Security

    Keeping you and your visitors safe from exploits and malware is key to your success. In collaboration with we bring top of the line WordPress security protection to your WordPress website.

  • Daily Backups

    No need to fear loosing your valuable work to server or database crashes ever again! We perform scheduled backups to off-site cloud based storage on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.

SEO for WordPress

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is overlooked by so many as dead, or no longer viable with the explosion of social networks. That thinking couldn’t be farther from the truth. We’ve created a strong presence in Google search rankings for competitive keyword terms like WordPress Support & WordPress Help, simply by employing SEO best practices and publishing quality content. We’d love to help you do the same! Our SEO Optimization package includes all of the following: Setup and Optimal Configuration of WordPress SEO by Yoast Setup and Configuration of Video SEO for WordPress by Yoast Google Authorship Setup and Configuration. Sitemap submission to Google, Bing, and Yahoo Broken Link and 404 Page Audit. We insure that people always land on the page that they’re looking for. On page optimization of up to 5 pages. Tight integration of social networks like Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest. If you want to boost your site traffic by using an old proven method, simply click the Add to Cart link below and we’ll get you started!



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Security Audit

Hackers are out there and they love to take advantage of unsuspecting folks. With WordPress now powering over 20% of the internet, it’s become a favorite target of hackers, mainly because a security flaw or weakness allows potential infiltration of a huge number of WordPress sites. During our security audit, we carefully review your site to ensure that it’s secured and protected against hacking attempts. Each of our audits includes a review of all of the following: Whether or not your software is up to date, including WordPress, plugins, and themes TimThumb vulnerability scan Review of site plugins in use, and their potential security implications File and directory permissions, including locking down folders WordPress database privileges Review of WordPress users roles and capabilities Web server permissions and configuration Social engineering vulnerabilities 30 Day post audit monitoring with free hack cleanups Purchase of this service will include a report including issues we encounter, as well as implementation of any necessary security fixes.



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Hosting Migrations

Frustrated with your current webhost and want to move elsewhere? Maybe you’re having some success and are ready to move to a more robust provider? Or maybe your product is ready to launch and you don’t want to spend launch day trying to recover a crashed website. Whatever the case may be, we can migrate your WordPress website from one hosting provider to another. Configurations vary greatly, so prices will a bit too, but our migrations start at $89.99 for standard WordPress websites and increase in price as infrastructure and site configurations become more complex. A standard WordPress migration includes all of the following: Quick consultation to help you decide which hosting provider and package will best serve your unique site needs Seamless migration of all of your files, media, content, and configurations to the new hosting provider DNS update to point your domain to the new web host 72 hour monitoring to ensure stability and optimal performance at your new home



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Do you need help, but you're not quite ready to commit to one of our plans? That's okay, we understand, which is why we offer the one-off services above that cover some of our most common requests.